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Shadow Cruising Xray FM DJ Mix: DJ DIS.CO November Muse 2016 Minimal Wave DJ Mix

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

File under: Minimal Wave, Goth

My annual dj mix for my wife, November Muse 2016, was featured on Vera Rubin’s Shadow Cruising program on Portland’s Radio.

“In this mix we have international minimal wave, the cross sections of modern classical, experimental and industrial, non-music, power electronics, noise, and darkwave. this mix is dope. tune in 107.1/91.1 or streaming at”

Tracklist: Din A Testbild - She’s So Nice - Vinyl On Demand Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici - Back and Forth - Ecstatic/Strut Oltre la Morte - Aria Azure - Light Sounds Dark Voice of Authority - Stopping and Starting - On-U Sound Unknown - Durance: Solid - Light Sounds Dark Shock - Dream Games - Strut KMFH - Donz Critique - Wild Oats Die Werkpiloten - Blood and Flowers - Vinyl On Demand Clock DVA - Simulation - Horology 2 Collin Gorman Weiland - Price of Leather - Downwards Die Gesunden - DieGesunden kommen - Vinyl On Demand Unknown - C5 Alien Galaxy Builder - Light Sounds Dark Clock DVA - Blank Clock - Vinyl On Demand Powell - No U Turn - Diagonal Sandra Plays Electronics - Her Needs - Minimal Wave Roll the Dice - The Suck - The Leaf Label Water Borders - Miners - Tri Angle Memoire - New Face - Disposable Commodities Inertia - The Screen - Light Sounds Dark Modern Art - Hello/Goodbye - Vinyl On Demand Chris Carter - Solidit - Optimo Music Carter Tutti - Dancing Ghosts - Conspiracy International

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