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Niche Afterhours B2B DJ Jam - Midwest Dubstep All-Stars 11.18.2006

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

FILE UNDER: Dubstep, UK Bass, UK Breakbeat

Afterhour tag sessions from 2006, playing ones, or twos amongst a handful of DJs. Something I thought was lost in the hard drive but recently came to light. This was during the ‘Niche’ years from 2004 - 2009 when I owned and operated a vinyl record and vintage clothing shop. We also did gallery nights and club night bookings pretty frequently and often had many a sleepless night hosting after parties. The 'Record’ button was only pressed a few times during these sessions, so very glad to find this artifact from that period.

Dubstep Afterhours Mix (Direct Download)

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