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Friends with Benefits Radio Mix #32: Night Visitor 2 Hour Techno House DJ Mix - Air date 06052016

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

File under: House, Techno

Friends With Benefits is a weekly radio show bringing you house, techno, and disco, mixed continuously by DJs of the queer underground scene. The two-hour broadcast is hosted by David Sylvester and aired Saturday nights at 11pm PT on Wild Planet Radio, KPQR 99.1 FM in Portland, Oregon and online at

Friends with Benefits Radio Tracklist:: Norken - Gates (Hydrogen Dukebox) Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie - 12 Minutes of History (Karlovak Chrome) Unknown DJ W!LD - Dream of Me (RKDS) Doubt - Cliffhanger (Disposable Commodities) Cliff Lothar - Ringleader (Viewlexx) Mathew Jonson - Behind the Mirror (Sub Static) Tim Xavier - Rocket Science (LTD400) Swedish Naan Boys - Overcharged (SAND) Levon Vincent - DJ SF II (Novel Sound) Ben Sims - I Feel It Deep (Sandwell District Remix) (Drumcode) Lyfe - Asshole (Disposable Commodities) Lyfe - Angry People (Raw Demo Version) (Disposable Commodities) (Unreleased) The Exaltics - The Midnight Connexion (Solar One Music) Mike Dunn - I Wanna B House (Johnny Aux Edit) (Moreaboutmusic) Randomer - Percussion Workout 2 (Clone Basement Series) Plaid - OI (!K7 Records) Paranoid London - Paris Dub 3 (feat Paris Brightledge) (Paranoid London) 2 AM/FM - The Ace of Spades (Spectral Sound) Electric Deluxe - Electric Deluxe (Plus 8 Records) Jeff Mills - Alarms (First Mix) (Purpose Maker) i - L.T.B.C.Y.B. (Recognition) Tahnja - Untitled (Pussy Licks) Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke’s 312 Mix) (Bush) Vril - V3 (Music Man Records) Fennesz - Fa (Mark Fell Remix) (Editions Mego) Achterbahn D'Amour - JX3 (Frank Music) Murat Tepeli - Workinstrugglin (Philpot) Aphex Twin - Xtal (R&S)

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