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DJ Screendoor - Winebar Mix Trilogy


This is a three part series of live recordings from my Backcountry Wine Tasting Room residency - August, September and October recordings.

Each mix starts around 80 bpm and advances to 120 bpm weaving in and out through some themes - ambient, trip hop, jazzy, balearic, disco, microhouse and more.

🤓 Music and record nerds 👇

This is part 3 of my winebar recordings; across the nearly 14 HOURS of sounds, I believe I only mistakenly played 2 same tracks across 2 mixes. My intent with this series is to not bore a hardcore fan with repeated tracks or planned mixes.

My process for these mixes is to dive into my collection and spend hours just listening for gems, tracking and organizing crates by BPM and ‘themes’. Theme could be genre, like balearic, or my interpretation of a vibe the music gives me, or by similar sounds like organic percussion and organize records in a general semi-planned stack. I really don’t practice mixing.

Then night of, I start mixing based on atmosphere in the venue - which constantly changes in waves and generally start at 80 bpm. I will then ramp up the bpm while I try to hit a flow state and let the records pick and mix themselves. I pick and pull across my themes trying to find as many interesting connection points as possible. It does not work great 100% of the time but listening back it does ‘hit’ and work close to 90% (imo). Also listening back is like a new, first time experience for me as I tend to black out what I actually do the night of.

Thats how I find fun connection points of balearic house melting into a Biggie Smalls Juicy edit that uses a Korg M1 organ sound.

This process makes it fun for me and hopefullly an enjoyable listen for others. I already have my 3 new crates packed up for my next First Friday. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Instagram Highlight Reel Posts and Images:

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