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DJ Screendoor - Virtual Sunset (2018)

FILE UNDER: Deconstructed Club, Bass, Future Bass

Offering a dreamlike template of psychedelic themes for off-world raving, packed with bracingly fresh skeletal 808 patterns perfused with hyper-criss foley and thrillingly sheer synthetic textures, hyper-sharp tessellations and decimated club constructions.

Finding and opening fissures of possibility in the facade and body of current club music, with a unique approach to meter, space and tone: it challenges the way we dance; probes and teases our pleasure centre's tolerance for off-kilter, oily tones and soured timbre.

Perhaps it's not gratifying in the conventional sense of breakdowns, regular rhythms and sweaty peaks, but it more than makes up for it with strange, unknown pleasures and a quietly unsettling sort of future shock. The where next for modern, rhythm-driven electronic music - - a contemporary conflux of avant club, folk and noise musics.

Featuring the music of: M.E.S.H., Antwood, Objekt, Minor Science, Untold, v1984, Rabit, Patten, White Male ++ many more Tracklisting: SP@SMS - Sunset Screens [Travel By Goods] (2017) M.E.S.H. - Nemorum Incola [PAN] (2017) Kuedo - Vertical Stack [Knives] (2015) Objekt - Cataracts [PAN] (2014) Antwood - Anthracite [Planet Mu] (2016) Wwwings - Aethereal (feat Chino Amobi) [Planet Mu] (2016) Rabit - Roach [Halycon Veil] (2017) Klimek - Greed Mutation Betrayal [Anticipate] (2010) Ziur - Himalaya [Objects Limited] (2016) Ivvvo - Good, Bad, Baby, Horny [Halcyon Veil] (2017) Ziur - Fractals [Planet Mu] (2017) Amnesia Scanner - Gardens Need Walls [Young Turks] (2016) Special Request - Stairfoot Lane Bunker (Minor Science remix) [Houndstooth] (2017) Obsequies - Asthme [Knives] (2017) City - Pain/Power [Halcyon Veil] (2017) Untold - 5 Wheels [Hemlock Recordings] (2014) v1984 - Aria of Dawn [Knives] (2017) FIS - Sieve Stack [Subtext] (2016) JG Biberkopf - Waters [Knives] (2015) Antwood - Sneakers [Planet Mu] (2016) Rabit - Snow Leopard [Tri Angle] (2015) Antwood - Yontoo How To Get Rid [Planet Mu] (2016) Young Male - Fade [White Material] (2016) Patten - 51-61-6 [Warp Records] (2016)

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