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DJ Screendoor - Stoner Disco Jazz: Beatnik Drum n' Bass (2021)

FILE UNDER: Drum n' Bass, Stoner Disco Jazz, Chillout

Jazzy Jungle, Atmospheric Rollers and Intelligent Drum n' Bass - The next evolution of my Stoner Disco Jazz series in the realm of broken beats. A 2-hour mix of my essential all time mid 90s jungle classics from my collection. More volumes to come. Big shout out to Carly Barton for premiering this mix on Portland's Freeform Radio.


Welcome to Stoner Jazz Beatnik Drum and Bass Intro

Cujo - Cruzer (Shadow Records) [1997]

Dgohn - Lucky Gonk (Love Love Records) [2020]

Hokusai - Crystal House (Source Direct Recordings) [1996]

Oblivion - Last Dance (Street Beats) [1996]

Sounds of Life - Don't Resist The Beat (Certificate 18) [1994]

Source Direct - The Crane (Source Direct Recordings) [1996]

Hokusai - Jade (Source Direct Recordings) [1997]

Boymerang - A.C.I.D (Regal) [1997]

Seba - Valley of the Moomins (Good Looking Records) [1998]

Aquarius - Drift to the Centre (Looking Good Records) [1995]

Source Direct - A Made Up Sound (Metalheadz) [1995]

Alaska - The Vortex (Renegade Recordings) [1997]

Mirage - No Tomorrow (Odysee Records) [1995]

Future Bound - Sorrow (Skanna) [1995]

Sounds of Life - Currents (Certificate 18) [1994]

The Rood Project - Thunder (White House Records) [1994]

Adam F - Mystic Dreams (Infrared) [2018]

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) [Moving Shadow] (1993)

DJ SS - Rollidge [Formation Records] (1995)

DJ SS - Black (Original Mix) [Formation Records] (1997)

Goldie - Jah (Peshay VIP Rollers Mix) [Razors Edge] (1996)

Source Direct - Secret Liaison [Good Looking Records] (1996)

[re:jazz] - Inner City Life [Metalheadz] (2021)

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