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DJ Screendoor Plays Witch House (November 2021)


A dark, downtempo beat mix of favorite Witch House occult cuts from the mid-2010s with a few new things thrown in for All Hallow's this year.


Zandvoort & Uilenbal - But Slowly I Made It My Own [WeMe Records] (2021)

DJ Overdose - Let The Soundtrack House You [Love Pain Sunshine & Rain] (2018)

oOoOO - Sedsumting [Tri Angle] (2010)

Holy Other - Yr Love [Tri Angle] (2011)

Music Has The Right To Chill - Jacquard Causeway [SB Germany] (2021)

Butterfred - Bust You [Butterfred Productions] (2021)

Evian Christ - Fuck It None Of Ya'll Don't Rap [Tri Angle] (2012)

Salem - Trapdoor [IAmSound Records] (2010)

Phantom Ship - Lights Out [Disposable Commodities] (2022 Forthcoming)

Butterfred - Things Are Hectic [Butterfred Productions] (2021)

Egyptrixx - V.E.P.N. [Halocline Trance] (2017)

Clams Casino - Waterfalls [Tri Angle] (2011)

Wife - Bodies [Left Blank] (2012)

patten - Out The Coast [No Pain In Pop] (2011)

Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon) [Tri Angle] (2010)

Not Waving - Mental Means Alone [Emotional Response] (2014)

John T. Gast - Celtfunk [Haunter Records] (2017)

Forest Swords - Miarches [Olde English Spelling Bee] (2010)

Roll The Dice - Calling All Workers [Leaf] (2011)

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