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DJ Screendoor: Escape From Neo Tokyo (May 2023)

File Under: Electronic, Downtempo, Ambient, 80s proto-industrial, Bass Music, Electro

An imaginary dj soundtrack for a cyberpunk anime neo-noir thriller titled "Escape From Neo-Tokyo" (that also does not exist).

Custom Image Illustration: Allison Alexander Westbrook IV

The imaginary film scenes / sequence titles I created as a guide for the auditory mix.

Prologue Hatched Plans and Steamed Noodles(Ichiba) Neon Outskirts Approach to the Gilded Citadel Chase through the Cybernetic District Lift to the Stars Greenhouse of the Masters Jettison Revolt Outlands Securing the Launchpad Alternate Route to SAT-1138 Negative Zone Hacking In (Transformation) Escape to the Singularity

Tracklist: Youtube rip from Akira Opening K-6000 - There Is No Love Lost [100 Limousines] (2019) Alan Howarth & John Carpenter - Prologue Broadcast [Death Waltz] (1988/2013) Alan Howarth & John Carpenter - The Siege of Justiceville [Death Waltz] (1988/2013) Orfeon Gagarin - Ultima instancia [Les Disques Bongo Joe] (1986/2021) Kuedo - Ant City [Planet Mu] (2011) Philip D Kick - Replicant (feat. Om Unit) [Astrophonica] (2023) Pomassi aka Seismik Krew - Skorpio (DJ Sotofett's Flædripp and Jungle Riddimix) [Laton] (2019) Kenji Kawai - M04 Virtual Crime [We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want RP] (1995/2017) Driss Bennis presents OCB - Mo' Phatt 97 feat. Slikk Tim [Casa Voyager] (2022) Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green [Light In The Attic RP] (1986/2020) 8Ball - The Moons [Sneaker Social Club] (2021) MOBBS - Trad [Chrome] (2022) Para One - Spectre: Shin Sekai [Animal63] (2021) Jonquera - Benedictin [Bamboo Shows] (2020) Kahn & Neek - Venus [Sector 7 Sounds] (2020) James Shinra - Ekko [Analogical Force] (2022) Maxmillion Dunbar - Loving The Drift [RVNG Intl] (2013) J-Shadow - Diffraction [Sneaker Social Club] (2021) Ital Tek - Leaving The Grid [Planet Mu] (2020) v1984 - beauty // IT5IN YR-H3D [Knives] (2017) Youtube Rip from GITS 2: Innocence Tony Price - Prism [L.I.E.S. Records] (2022) Tenebre - Frost [YUKU] (2022) Not Waving - Emotion 1.7 Cleanse [Ecstatic] (2019)

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