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DJ Screendoor - Anxiety in the Sacred Garden (2020)


Quarantine Dream DJ Mix. I started a crate of uplifting, deep songs to share with everyone to lift our spirits in this trying time. As I began playing the crate and adding more songs to it, I did what I always tend to do. The selection went deeper ... and darker. The anxieties of these times started showing through the cracks. I decided to work those thoughts and fears out with the selection rather than fight it. It is a therapeutic session, slightly hopeful, but with many tinges of sadness. A soundtrack for the quarantine dreams we are all having.


lastminuteman - Where To Go When There's Nowhere To Go [Jheri Tracks] (2019)

Leif - Air, Light, Time, Space [UntilMyHeartStops] (2015)

Barac - Return To Eden [Moment] (2020)

Boards of Canada - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country (??? Garage Refix) [White] (2019)

Interplanetary Criminal - On Sight [Hardline Sounds] (2020)

Louf - From A Distance [Thirty Year Records] (2018)

Priku - In Padure La Baneasa [Eastenderz] (2015)

DJ W!LD - Control Us [Empirical Magnetism] (2019)

Fumiya Tanaka - Welcome To Chaos [Perlon] (2019)

Global Communication - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix) [Dedicated] (1996)

Mlle Caro & Franc Garcia - Dead Souls (Radio Slave Long Distance Kiss Mix) [Buzzin' Fly Records] (2008)

ILK - Redshift [Repeat Repeat Repeat] (2020)

DJ Koze - XTC [Pampa Records] (2015)

Murat Tepeli - Workinstrugglin [Philpot] (2013)

Nick Araguay - Gedeon [Sahko Recordings] (2020)

The Prince of Dance Music - This Dream Is Real (It's Not A Dream) [LaRhon] (1988)

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