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DJ DIS/CO - DIS/CO Launch Party Opening Set April 2014

FILE UNDER: Dark Ambient, Minimal Wave, No Wave, Bass, Industrial Techno



Patrick Vian_Tricentennial Drag_Staubgold Die Form_Are you Before_Strut Blood Music_Rare Earth Material / Infinite Process 1_Diagonal Huerco S._Struck with Deer Lungs_Software Recordings Bandshell_Perc_Liberation Technologies Austin Cesear_Cloud Hall_Public Information Martoc_Helen Is a Hologram_Esoteric Rainer Veil_Three Day Jag_Modern Love KWC 92_Tai Tum Tuk_L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems) Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask_Vaporware 01_Spectrum Spools In Aeternam Vale_Ultrabase_Minimal Wave


Milwaukee-based electronic record label Disposable Commodities album release party for the label's premiere EP's Doubt - Chaos Om Vision I and II.

Featuring live sets by: + Ian Lehman aka Doubt (Minneapolis) + John M. Goelzer aka BTS.WRKNG + STACIAN & Billy Dmt aka Luxvid + Jim Warchol + Peter Graham aka Polycarbonclique

DJ Sets by: + DJ

Sound support courtesy of Destro Zod.

Visuals: Paka Paka Lightshow

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