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DJ DIS.CO - Always Human Tapes Cassette Mixtape



FILE UNDER: Experimental, Dark Ambient, IDM

The Always Human Tapes cassette label (Founded by Ryan Wurst with help from TML and Heckadecimal) asked me to compile a mixtape for their cassette mix series in 2016.

AHT-MIX-006: DJ DIS.CO - Side A DJ Technician vs. Kneves - Schleichen Heißt Überleben - Bunker Records Frank Bretschneider - A Soft Throbbing Of Time - Raster-Noton Lee Gamble - Digbeth - Pan Lee Gamble - Pandemonium Institute - Pan Lesser - On The Kid’s Tip - Matador The Great Traitor - The Great Traitor - Remnant Records Philipp Otterbach The Old Track - Grokenberger Records Central - Easy - Nord Records North Manc Beds - Peob OKZ6423 - 33

AHT-MIX-006: DJ DIS.CO - Side B Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra ‎- Reminiscences Of The Future - Nazca: Imaginary Landing In Peru (Ouverture Featuring Theme From “Chariots Of The Gods”) - Polydor Paul Wirkus / Mapstation - In Dialogue - Staubgold Irv Treibel - Wind In The Trees - Syntonic Research Inc. KWJAZ - Once in Babylon - Not Not Fun Records Tilman Ehrhorn - Cb Club - Resopal Schallware Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra ‎- Stars and Rockets - Polydor Bush Taxi Mali: Field Recordings From Mali - Bambaran Wedding Celebration - Sublime Frequencies King Midas Sound meets Fennesz - On My Mind (Instrumental) - Ninja Tune Jens-Uwe Beyer ‎– It Started On Wednesday - Kompakt Pop Ambient Pépé Bradock - Decision Fatigue - Atavisme Irv Treibel - Wind In The Trees - Syntonic Research Inc.

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