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DIS.CO 013




Release Date: 03.08.2017

Limited edition 150 copy vinyl pressing with custom full sleeve original artwork.


A1. Drowning for Ulaangom
A2. MyCn18 Glass Hollow Faces


B1. Rare Handsigns, 1644

B2. End of Nothing

"Bloempot's idiosyncratic melanges of noise-leaning electronics, dark ambient and retooled techno patterns, blossoms convincingly on his second EP for the forward-thinking Disposable Commodities. The opening cut ‘Drowning For Ulaangom‘ is a gushy melting-pot of bruising proto-tech and synth-heavy electro adorned with howling post garage-y and UK bass accents. Prepare to enter an all-devouring tornado of dissonant machine rumblings, well-rounded melody and thunderous percussions billowing out in toxic black smokes. Smashing." Review by


Cut and mastered by Dietrich at Complete.


 Available at  Bandcamp (US)  /  Juno (UK)  /  Redeye (UK)  /  /  HHV  /  DISCO PIU  /  Jet Set (JP)  /  Side One  /



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