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DIS.CO 008




Release Date: FALL.2015

Limited edition 300 copy 150g vinyl pressing with custom full sleeve original artwork.

A1. Doubt vs. Eecee - Cross Colours
A2. TML - Dirt Rack

A3. Áglæca - Helk
A4. Pleasurlife - Tae Bo


B1. Yellow Hyper Balls - Purple Love
B2. Eyedubs - New Life
Áglæca - Jamie
B4. TML - Concrete Surface
B5. Curses - Memory of a Frozen River


Soon after label boss DJ DIS.CO began working with the Always Human Tapes label in late 2014 to license tracks for the last Doubt vinyl release, a kinship was born. DJ DIS.CO dug deep into the prolific Always Human Tapes record label back catalog and curated a selection of tracks and songs that seemed appropriate for vinyl release. The various artist compilation is a balanced blend of ambient tools and left of center dancefloor gems. DJ DIS.CO isn't the only one to take notice of the burgeoning tape label; a number of Always Human Tapes tracks featured prominently on the June 2015 Karen Gwyer Truancy Mix.


150 gram vinyl, cut and mastered at Complete.

Full color high quality reverse board matte sleeves.

Available direct and at select online retailers including Boomkat, Juno Records and Norman Records!

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